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The Latest from Deca Valve

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Homesocial recruitmentTechnical research and development personnel

Technical research and development personnel

Date:2024/3/22 14:26:42     Click:21

1, responsible for the preparation of certification product manuals and product calculation;

2, assist valve selection calculation;

3, organization learning and application of SOLIDWORKS software products finite element technical analysis;

4, sort out and provide certification information;

5. Participated in the company's product design and development.



Manager Li 13587478938 (wechat same number)
Ms. Pan 13656529006 (wechat same number)
QQ: 745336911
Add: No.86 Middle East Road, Juyu Town Industrial Park, Wencheng County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Company welfare: The company has a good environment, perfect production and cultural conditions, and has accommodation (two rooms, independent bathroom, hot water, air conditioning) and a canteen. Monthly payment of social security, year-end bonus, paid annual leave, education subsidy, skill certificate subsidy, etc. The company does not regularly hold staff group construction, trade union activities, staff travel and other recreational activities.