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Head information section

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1. Carried out research on the company's information construction needs, was responsible for the construction and maintenance of information platform, communicated application requirements and formulated business solutions;
2. Responsible for the purchase, acceptance, maintenance, upgrade and abnormal handling of the company's information facilities, and ensure the safe operation of the company's information system;
3. Trained and guided employees to use information systems (ERP operation, promotion and implementation of Dingding project, Xinlong Cloud, etc.), dealt with various bugs from time to time, and assisted various departments to maintain information business functions;
4. Assist various departments in data summary, entry, export, etc., and take preventive measures for company information and data security;
5. Responsible for the preparation, arrangement, burning and maintenance of the company's IT technical files.
6. Responsible for the breakdown maintenance of the company's office computers, installation of the operating system and installation, configuration and maintenance of office software;
7, responsible for the company's printer, telephone network, monitoring system and other equipment installation, daily maintenance and management;
8. Established the company's office facilities and equipment management ledger, carried out inventory and check regularly;
9. Cooperate with finance to inquire ERP and Dingding data;
10. Complete other affairs assigned by superiors.



Manager Li 13587478938 (wechat same number)
Ms. Pan 13656529006 (wechat same number)
QQ: 745336911
Add: No.86 Middle East Road, Juyu Town Industrial Park, Wencheng County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Company welfare: The company has a good environment, perfect production and cultural conditions, and has accommodation (two rooms, independent bathroom, hot water, air conditioning) and a canteen. Monthly payment of social security, year-end bonus, paid annual leave, education subsidy, skill certificate subsidy, etc. The company does not regularly hold staff group construction, trade union activities, staff travel and other recreational activities.